September 19th, 2006

silly: Pirate Penguins!


I'm tired.....I think I'm not getting enough quality sleep (shut up! Just...Shut Up! *g*) - ah, well, I'll nap on the weekends to try and make up for it.

J.'s first day was...well. The puppy is not only a puppy, but clueless. He was *actually* turning away *business*. A lady drove up wanting new tires, and oh, the ball joints (whatever the eff *that* is) are making noises, can you look at them too? Boss says "No, we can't". J. says - Why not? only to be told (in front of the customer!) that "we don't have the tools to do it".

J. said "Ummm, *I* do. It's a 20 minute job per side. No biggie." :headdesk: (for the puppy's stupidity, especially with the fact that J.'s toolbox is larger than most undeveloped third-world countries, and full to boot!)

I don't know how that ended - J. got distracted at that point and, errrm, never finished the story. :blush:

Today is going the same........he says he can stick it out until he finds a place he can open on his own (I'm not even mentioning money. He wants his own garage, he can figure out how to pay for it - I have no extra funds. None. Have $100 to last until next week....with 2 vehicles to gas up, milk to buy...this will be *fun*!) - we'll see. He's got the daycare lady working on finding some leads......again, we'll see.

Good news - he picked up the kids last night, and is planning on doing it again tonight. This means I can get home, take a deep breath, start supper, and just - be - for a few minutes. Pure Bliss!

Must contemplate supper....stir fry? Or Pasta? hmmmmmmmmmm.............

Oh, Yeah - Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, Mateys!