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September 26th, 2006 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About September 26th, 2006

Quick updated-ness 12:54 pm
OK, so...the shawl pattern calls for 3 repeats of the 2nd lace pattern. Check. Done 'em....but I want more. Think I need to do some calculating so I can have at least 2 more repeats before starting the never-ending 3rd lace pattern.

The first pattern, English Mesh Lace, is....eh. Mass of unstructured holes, it looks like to me. It was an easy pattern....but I switched to the second pattern the minute my stitch count worked. See, the pattern is written "work this English Mesh Lace until run out of the first ball of yarn".......this works when you're actually using the yarn called for in the pattern, not so much so when you're substituting handspun (in a *much* different grist!)(AND, substituting needle sizes...the original changes sizes with each ball change; I'm sticking with my size 6s for the whole shawl)

Now, I could have measured out 75 yards (or whatever the orignal yarn yardage is)...but then I'd have to splice the yarn. I managed to get all 500+ yards on one bobbin, so cutting it? SO not going to happen. When I got sick of the pattern, and my stitch count worked (I went from a multiple of 6 to a multiple of 10), I made the executive decision to change.

I can tell I switched before the model shawl did, but I don't care - it looks good. Better, even, because the green silk adds to the beauty of the shawl. The original? In cream/white wool. It's pretty...but boring.

My shawl has bands of teals marching across the width. It's way cool - I can't *wait* to get to pattern #3 so I can see how it's going to look when finished! 3 more repeats of Horseshoe lace to go! (I think...like I said, I need to calculate the proper stitch count needed....pattern #3 is a 7 stitch plus 3 pattern; horseshoe lace is a 10 stitch pattern. Fun stuff!)

Well, lunch break is over - back to the knitting! (Yes, it's slow at work. You gotta problem with that? *g*)
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