October 6th, 2006

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

Very random stream of thought here...

TGIF! I am *so* tired it isn't even funny. I think I could sleep for a week and still be tired at the end of it. I've increased the vitamins (for those playing along, I now take: 1 One a Day, 4 Udo's Premium Oil, 2 Hair Formula, 1 Evening Primrose (1000 mg), 1 Biotin (5000 mg), 2 Horsetail Fern (500 mg each) in the AM, and 4 more Udo's, 1 Evening Primrose, and 2 Horsetail Fern in the PM), so maybe we'll see a difference soon. (And, yes - I'm growing the hair out again. I miss my waist-length hair...haven't had it that long since Himself was 6 months old. It's currently just below the bottom of my shoulderblades, about 1" from my bra strap.)

A lot of it is the "new toy" syndrome - on J's part. *eg* I understand it, but I'm still exhausted. (This also explains the silence here - he *hates* the computer, and hates giving me even 15 minutes each AM and PM to check my emails. He needs to get used to it.....I'm NOT surfing/gaming/whatever, I'm just checking my freaking email. :sigh:)

Speaking of hair, I ordered some "neutral henna", which isn't neutral or henna. It's Cassia Obovata, and it's to add shine, strength and luster - but no color. I'm blonde...while I *love* red hair, I'm too pale to carry it off well. If I could guarantee strawberry blonde, I'd go for straight henna - but I can't, so..it's a no-go. Think I'll try it on Herself's hair, too, since...well. Hadn't mentioned it, but she has managed to *break* off *all* her hair. It went from mid-back curls to barely jawline length in 2 days, because she was "bored". Seems it's fun to wrap the hair around her fingers and yank... *sigh* I've been pushing the Hair vitamins on her, and oiling her hair (for moisture - I'm using Sweet Almond Oil right now; will soon switch to jojoba when I a)find some and b)have the spare funds to purchase it), AND using the hair formulas from the Afro-American aisle. Her hair was *so* pretty, too.....now, it's a broken up mess. *deep sigh* Hmmm....wonder if switching her to a more natural conditioner will help (curly girls shouldn't use shampoo - it messes up the curls. So, about a month ago I switched her to conditioner only - *I'm* using a conditioner with no silicone in it, and my hair has gone nuts...we're talking curls, curls, curls now instead of simple waves. Wonder what that would do to her hair?)

Tomorrow we go to the in-laws for our Halloween get-together. This'll be fun....the kids *require* breakfast at Granny's, so we have to leave early. Granny requires lunch and mid-afternoon tea, so we won't get home before 4-ish. Sunday, we have church, then have to hit Tyler to pick up a few more tools, then on to J's cabin to pick up some more of his stuff (let's see....5 PM at the earliest. Note to self: Put a roast on) Monday is a holiday (Fair Day!), but I can't afford to go to the Fair, so the kids will go to daycare and I will - finally - go to sleep. (If, that is, J. has a job by then. He's got a prospect - he's there now, as a matter of fact - but if the money isn't what he wants he won't take it. *sigh* Stress, much?)

I'd like to pick up some hair stick blanks soon, so I can prettify them up. Maybe, if Herself helps with that, she'll be more inclined to leave her hair alone and let it grow out again. Maybe pick up some hair pin blanks, too.....hmmmmmm. I've got all these lampwork beads, see, that need to be used......

*yawn* Must pretend to work, now.
Disney: Tink Damn


So, I got rear-ended today coming home from work. J. says, in his estimation, it's about $5K in damages.

There's this spot where the road merges (to the right) with the freeway feeder. The car in front of me stopped, so I stopped; he went, I went, then paused - a little red car came *screaming* from nowhere.

Well, *I* paused - the car behind me, obviously, didn't. WHAM. I was on the phone with J - he said "What was that?" "ummmm....my van was hit."

So, we pull off - idiot driver is totally apologetic. His Isuzu Trooper is leaking red stuff from between the front wheels....it's his son's, supposedly. He's very apologetic.....and, geez - his insurance is in his other car. Yea.

So, I got his DL#, his address, and his work info. J. has called the house once - he's not home (yet). We'll see where it goes.....

At least the van is drivable, and I'm (as of right now) OK. But, my poor van - I've *never* had an accident before; this is my very first new - only - me - driver car.....:sigh:

I need chocolate. And sex. The first can be procured now...the 2nd has to wait until the kids go to bed.