October 12th, 2006

misc: scotland st. andrews cross

Weekend plans...

So, Bedford is nigh. Specifically - the Bedford Celtic Festival. 2 days of small highland games and even smaller kilt-sightings.

Last night I got my spinning basket packed:

4 oz of wool - I think it's merino or merino/silk. Lovely, water-y colorway. Should spin up fine to froghair weight.

Convertable niddy-noddy

Extra drive band cotton


Oil bottle

Business Cards - both clan and fiber

Clan info pack - I'm not sure if our Regional will be there; if not, I'm "in charge" (snort, snicker) of the tent

Inkle loom - need to warp it tonight. Requested colors are bright...not so sure on that. I'm thinking some pastel cotton with a solid color in a pattern weave....we'll see.

learn to spin stuff - a few toy wheel spindles and ugly loud wool

I'm thinking I need to dig out some more wool for me, but we'll see.

Tonight I need to pack the kids suitcase (they're staying with my mother this weekend), wax the Saxony, iron my garb (gotta decide on *what*, first), and iron J.'s garb. Tomorrow is date night, so won't have time then. I need to find time to bake a loaf of bread, pick up some sandwich fixin's, and bake ~something~ for a dessert. Hmmm........we'll see. Maybe *buy* dessert.

Back to work for me!