October 15th, 2006

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Bedford Recap

1 word: Dead.

Seriously. Saturday, we were there. There were only 2 official McClellans in the tent, but honestly - we could have done it with only 1 (and did, since both of us took walkies most of the day). Only had 1 member sign up. Parade was taken over by the Boy Scouts - it was a)on time and b) mercifully short. The announcer had NO Clue, but eh, it was done.

I had a few nibbles on the wheel, but no crowds. Most unusual for me, but it's OK. 1 kid wanted to learn to weave, spin and knit - but he had no patience to actually *learn*; he figured you picked it up and *knew* how to do it immediately.

Sunday....Rain. All Day. NO crowds. The wheel stayed in the van - I don't get any of my wheels out if there is moisture in the air. We saw 3 clans pack up and leave before 12...and the Festival didn't open until 12. J. and I left at 1 - it was deader than dead. *yawn*.

I bought J a mug to match mine; he bought me a cute pottery dragon music box. (It plays - wait for it - Puff the Magic Dragon.

All in all, a good weekend...except my new husband has a jealous streak. He'll get over it, but it did put a dent in my normal Festival hugs and greetings. (Seriously - to get jealous of a hug from a friend I've had for over 10 years, simply because said friend is male and gives back rubs whilst hugging? Get a grip.......:sigh:)

I got half a bobbin of.....a wool blend in greens/blues/golds spun up (I don't have a label, and I don't remember acquiring it. It was simply on top of the stash when I went to pack my basket.....wonder if the stash is breeding?). Laceweight singles. Nice. If said husband would have let me stay in the tent as is my wont, I would have filled the bobbin...but oh, well. He'll learn that I don't go to the Festivals to shop or yack with friends, I go to work the tent. And spin. *g*