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October 16th, 2006 - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About October 16th, 2006

Adventures in hair care 08:58 am
I'm going to cut this, as I'm sure not everyone is as enamored of the care and feeding of long-ish hair (or the growing out of same). Wouldn't want to put everyone to sleep here!

Cut for boring ramblingCollapse )

And, since this entry is babbling about my hair, I'll list the vitamins I'm using for my records. Ha. Truthfully - I need to keep track. I take...well look:

1 pre-natal vitamin
1 evening primrose
1 biotin (5000)
2 horsetail (both AM and PM, so 4 daily)
4 Udo's Premium Oil (both AM and PM, so 8 daily)
1 vitamin C (headcold right now.)
1 vitamin A (ditto)
1 vitamin E (ditto)
1 zinc tablet (ditto)
2 Hair and Nail formula (with MSM)

I *think* that's it - I'll have to look tonight. I rattle when I walk....but I have noticed a difference in the thickness and growth pattern of my hair and nails. (For the better!)

Short term goal is bra strap length; Main goal is waist. After that...we'll see how long it goes. I'm thinking hip-length will be right at *my* too long point, but we'll see. Waist was easy to care for....not so sure I'll like sitting on it. (J. says he likes it where it is, but wouldn't mind it longer. Smart man!)
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