October 19th, 2006

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More blatherings...

it's slow today, I'm planning on working on the shawl a bit more...and I'm already bored. Bored bored bored.....Anyway

Hair: Did a SMT (deep moisturizing conditioner) last night. The receipe calls for 1 part honey, 1 part clear aloe gel, and 2 part moisturizing conditioner. Easy enough...

I grabbed a table spoon out of my silverware drawer, and went to town. What I mixed up:

3 spoons coconut oil (didn't want to go outside and vandalize my aloe vera plant)
3 spoons honey
6 spoons Mane'n'Tail Conditioner (what - YOU don't have MnT at your house? Oh, yeah - I gots horses. heh)

You mix it up, plop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, mix it again, then slather it over/in your hair. Pop on a shower cap, wrap in a towel, and let it soak for 30 minutes.

I rinsed it out...and my hair was soft, shiny, and happy. This morning, it was a bit greasy (the MnT does that to me - that's why I don't use it as an every day conditioner - it's *too* thick for my hair), so I did a regular shampoo & conditioner (forgot to do the HALO treatment...:sigh:), and it's now soft, shiny, non-greasy.....and the curls. Oh, my. Big, loopy s-curls from above my ears down. All Over my head. I counted 5 s's on the locks by my ears......:blink:

Who'd'a thunk I needed more moisture in my hair? I need to go rustle up some moisturizing shampoo, I think - this is way cool.

Herself's hair is behaving - and I noticed last night that it is down to her shoulders again. This is phenominal growth! It's still fine and fly-away, though....but that's ok. We're working on getting it long enough to look good, then I'll worry about the frizzy fly-away thing she's got going. I'm thinking I'll do a SMT on her this weekend - we'll see. She's got to clean her room Saturday, and Sunday is church......gotta try and fit it in.

My loom is calling me. I have some nice handspun yarn that I was spinning for an afghan for the couch (I only started this project 5 years ago - the yarn is well-aged now). I'm thinking it needs to become a shawl or 2....and the loom concurs. It is *howling* at me to get the damn alpaca/silk/wool scarf OFF of IT NOW, and put on the lovely BL/Falkland Island 2 ply warp yarn. (The weft is the silk/kid mohair fluffy yarn that I fondle every chance I get...it's Yummy.) I really need to break down, cut the scarf off the loom (it's only yarn, it's only yarn!) and get this one going......gotta find the time for *that*.

I've got some lovely mystery fiber on the Norwegian. I think it's wool, but who knows - it's pretty, and it's spinning up fine, and I have *no* clue what it'll become. I don't know if I want to keep going on it and start the Nov. demo fresh, or if I want to let it sit and work on it there....decisions, decisions.

Speaking of the demo, I gotta get Himself to weave off the scarf he's been working on since March. I need that loom for the demo, and I don't want anyone but him to work on this scarf - it's his County Fair entry for 2007. And, it's MINE. All Mine. *g* Need to decide what needs to go on that loom for the demo.....something in a pattern weave; something...colorful, something useful. Ideas, people - I need ideas! The loom has a 15.75" weaving width; it's a 12H but it won't be *me* weaving on it, so I'd like to keep it to 4H or maybe 6H.....toss me ideas!

I also (what - I don't have enough projects going on!) need to knit J. a winter cap - he doesn't have one. This cannot be allowed, so I *have* to whip one out. I'm going stash-diving tonight - I'll attach the safety line (oh, gotta find the hard hat); if noone hears from me by tomorrow, please send someone to pull me out, OK? *g*