October 20th, 2006

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

random blatherings...

I'm currently in a meeting, so.....shhhhhhhhhhh! *g* Actually, *I'm* not in the meeting, I'm sitting here ready to answer the phone/make copies/transcribe (that's the important part!) everything the bank says to Mrs. Boss et al......can you say "boring"? I thought you could!

Anyway.....random babblings as the meeting has lulls.

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Well, the banker just left; the official meeting is over and now we just need to get rid of the financial advisor (who is ARGUING with us over stuff HE told us to do earlier. And now we DON'T do it. But, we really do. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!). Then it's off to lunch with Mrs. Boss......The Mercury. Yum! I can already taste the wonderful goodies!

Oh - and yes, I have writer's cramp. 3 legal pages of notes from the meeting...and a lot of it is things like "then he discusses tax stuff". Bah!