October 27th, 2006

M15M: POTO - Hide ring


Whew. So, yesterday was brutally busy - I took the day off to get stuff done.

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SO, no warping action occured yesterday. Little progress on the shawl front as we waited for various teachers, but not a whole lot. Icemaker on the fridge died..gotta pay the warranty before I can call for service (again - this will be #4. Think Sears needs to provide me a new unit...) Not a whole lot else to report....some hair stuff, but I don't wanna bore the masses (need to ping the LHC mods to try and get back into my hair journal. :sigh:)

OH - and is anyone out here on my FL near NH? I may need a favor.....compensated, of course.
Disney: Tink Damn

I know that boys will be boys...

but damnit! - my boy shouldn't be that way!

Himself got his first paddling today at school - 2 swats. They called me first, of course, and I responded with "Do what'cha gotta do."

I spoke with him...he has no idea why he did what he did (nothing major; just trying to walk out of the gym without permission, and totally ignoring the Principal and Walking Away From Her, as well.), he says he won't do it again.....:sigh:

And, his teacher took his workbook away "I don't know why, Mama!", so he was bored in class again. Looks like we get to make another visit to the school.......
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