October 30th, 2006

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Weekend recap

Let's see....busy as usual.

Saturday - J. and Herself start emptying her room. Yes, EMPTYING. Everything but the big furniture was pulled out, all the toys/crap/paper/junk was dumped in the garage. I, meanwhile, am cleaning the studio and winding a warp (13" out of 25"..not too bad!) Then the pastor called, and we headed over there to put up a greenhouse (J. was supposed to call by Thursday to verify they got the supplies. Did he? No....:sigh: Ah, well - they built, I babysat his grandkids. Fun stuff)

Sunday - church. Taught 2 kids to weave (Himself is in my class, but he already knows how), and spin. We discussed Joseph's coat and why his brothers were so upset over it (think about the *time* required to shear a goat/sheep, dye the wool, card it, spin it, weave it, then sew it up. Whew!) Hit Thrall-mart, then home. I "napped" (read: Lay in bed and watched the ceiling fan go 'round and 'round) while J. and Herself worked on her room.

Upshot: The room is clean. You could eat out of her closet. The floor is spotless, the furniture has been rearranged. The rest of the house....not so good. Garage is wasted, family room is full of blankets/quilts/clothes (and I did 2 loads of laundry!). They are supposed to get back on it tonight...we'll see.

Himself's room is next.......this should be fun!
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