November 1st, 2006

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So. Halloween. It was OK - the kids enjoyed the Halloween Harvest Carnivale (at the Baptist Church - need I say more?), they got lots of loot, so all was well. J. (stupidly) continued the disagreement.....seriously. Drop it. Just - drop it. Life is too short to keep harping over stupid, petty shit, y'know?, my night was muchly not fun. Ah, well - no one got hurt, the kids were good, so all is right in the world.

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My newest wheel should be winging its way here by Monday or Tuesday - the wonderful, kind, and thoughtful darkeros is supposed to pick it up Saturday.....I'm hoping it's not so wonderful that he decides to toss a couch out the door and keep it. *g*

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My glasses broke today - I lost the screw that holds the left lens in. Fun - it'll hold for a while, then "pop" - out it comes. Very aggravating!

OH - and I got a ROAK! A lovely card from Angela - Thanks so much! I needed that yesterday!