November 12th, 2006

me: portrait

Is this thing on?

Been busy. Thursday took Himself to the dentist - turns out, not only does he have a broken molar, he also has 8 teeth with cavities that go down to the nerve (per the dentist). These are ALL baby teeth....and they want to do root canals. Ummmm...yeah. Like that makes sense - he's gonna LOSE the teeth, so let's pay a fortune to put crowns on 'em.

I made an appointment with a pediatric dentist for 11/27 - we'll see what they say. I mean - if it's necessary, OK, but if it's not really, then hell, just fill up the holes with acrylic and let 'em go. I'd rather not put him thru something that isn't Absolutely Positively necessary. *I* had crowns put on when I was his age, and lost 'em a few years later. Waste of $$$ that was. :sigh:

Demo today. They moved me off the stage and into an area right by the entrance. Got more exposure - which would have been *great* if anyone had bothered to show up. There was some traffic, but not a whole lot - we mostly attracted kids. gypsybaby1 wove off a handspun scarf, and talked kids thru using the inkle and rigid heddle looms. I spun (and spun, and spun), and helped out on troubleshooting the aforementioned looms. *g* It was fun, but not as busy as it was last year.

One little girl got really into the weaving - she wove off the RH warp and took home a nice scarf. A couple more worked (or should I say, butchered?) the inkle looms - lots of mentions of eBay for purchasing their own RH loom went on. *eg* I'm nothing if not an enabler. A few cards got passed out with "Yes, I can teach!", we'll see.

They are thinking about not doing this again next year - the craft fair idea just isn't what they really want to be doing. They might switch to a demo-only type thing; maybe a fiber-arts month, or somesuch. I'm on their contact list, so we'll see. On the one hand, I understand, on the other..not so much. They make $20/booth on this; with demos only they won't make a thing (I won't pay to go demo. It's kinda not right from my viewpoint to pay someone for the right to teach people how to do something (and even send them home with samples.)