November 16th, 2006

me: portrait


wrist still sore and swollen. i took the time to whip out a new wrist warmer - this one is out of alpaca/wool, and has a thumb on it. it's warm, it seems to help, and it's rasta-colored. *g*

stalled on the shawl. digging at the yo's is killing my i co a hat for j. (6 times, but who's counting?). teal-y blue handspun on size 5's. i like the yarn; the colors are cool, and he likes blue. win/win.

went to penzey's at lunch. yum - i keep opening jars to grab a quick sniff....the new salt free mural of flavor is incredible smelling! think i'll be cooking chicken tonight with it!

added a link to the sidebar - it goes to my hair journal. figured that way, any interested parties can click there, and i won't be inflicting the stuff to the non-interested.

must go sniff spices again!