November 22nd, 2006

me: portrait


Himself slammed his finger in the door today at school. Nurse doesn't think it's broken, but it's slightly swollen and red. She iced it; I've iced it and given him Motrin. Fun stuff.

Slow day today. I finished J.'s hat, and got back on the shawl. Wrist is killing me. I need to get back on his socks, but can't handle the teeny-tiny needles. :sigh:

My hair, at it's longest point, is hitting the *bottom* of my bra strap. This is cause for celebration - even if it does *boing* back up to midway between shoulder and BSL when I let it go. That's what I get for being happy with my curls!

Turkey day will be spent with the ILs. She's cooking - not me - which is great. We'll go, pig out, then leave the kids and make our escape. Just think - a full weekend with NO Kids. Wow. We're taking a short trip.....
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blargh the 2nd....

Himself's finger looks OK today - no bruising; it's just red and slightly swollen. He says it's "fine", so...good.

Hair measures in at 24" (+ a wee bit...). I'll remeasure in the morning, when it's wet, so I get an actual measurement - but this represents a .25" increase since Nov. 1. :sigh: I usually get .5"...hence the remeasure.

Need to warp the RH loom for Himself tonight - he wants to take it with him to Granny's so he can work on a "seekrit prezent, Mama!" :g: *I* know the what and the who...and it's sweet.

Herself is still trying to figure out what she wants to give for presents...we'll see what she comes up with. Me? Most of 'em are done, just gotta make some more soap, hem some dishtowels, and finish the knitted items I made way back in June/July. (or earlier...I...can't remember).

Monday is dentist day.....can't wait. /sarcasm