November 26th, 2006

Disney: Jessica Rabbit


So, update time. Heeeeeeeeere we go:

Thursday - T-day. Went to the in-laws for lunch and fellowship. Had a good time - lunch was, as usual, excellent; MIL had asked me how I do my turkeys (heh), and made smashed ‘tatoes, 2 types of green beans, candied sweet potatoes, corn, peas ‘n' carrots, stuffing, cornbread, 2 types of biscuits...and desserts. Punkin pie, pecan pie, cookies....dare I say I ditched the low-carb lifestyle for this? :g:

She also made J. his very own pecan pie - and gave me the recipe. He is most happy over this development. Me? I've never made a pecan pie before, so this will be an adventure!

They kept the kids, and we headed home. Did laundry and packed - we had us a wee vacation planned. :big grin:

Friday - loaded up the car and headed out for points South. We stopped off for breakfast (IhoP - never again!), then hit the road for the big city of Webster, TX - home of the Johnson Space Center. Whee! Got there a little early, so we hit the Kemah boardwalk for a bit.

Had a late lunch at "the Aquarium" restaurant....basically, it's Landry's with a HUGE collection of fish tanks. The largest was right by our seat - something like 50 feet by 10 feet or so. HUGE. There was an Australian Zebra shark that kept eyeballing us; also a Nurse shark, 2 black tip sharks, a sting-ray, at least 2 green eels, and a host of other fish that I have no idea what they are. The food was good, the company better. They had a 35 foot tall tank coming up the stairs, and 3 smaller tanks with a live coral reef display (1 of them had piranhas...totally cool). They have an area called "Sting-ray reef" where you can go in and feed and pet the rays..but we didn't want to spend the money on it. Maybe next time - the kids would love it!

The hotel (Days Inn) was great - indoor heated pool, whirlpool tub in the room, King size bed...for $50/night. Not too shabby! The bath is *not* quite big enough to share...but. :grin: The bed was comfy - I had me a great night's sleep. Of course, the.....bedtime ritual may have had something to do with it. Let's just say that I worked off the brownie fudge sundae J. bought me for dinner. :eg:

Saturday - headed to NASA. Took 2 tours - got to see both the Historic Mission Control, and the Current Mission Control, which was cool; got to see a pretty much restored Saturn IV....lots of cool stuff. Lunch, it was, but since we're members we got 10% off, which made it a little easier to digest :g:.

Have I mentioned how great the hotel is? Yeah - it's....well, we'll be back. The bathroom counter is the perfect height.......ummmm, let's just say the bathroom is well appointed and leave it at that. :blush:

Sunday - plan to leave....we haven't yet. :eg: Got a few more......kinks to work out before hitting the road for 4 hours.