November 27th, 2006

silly: Fox ignoring you

It's Monday....

and Himself is up here at the office with me. Dental appt today - did you expect them to *do* anything? Nope - just looked at the x-rays, glanced in his mouth, and said "Come back 12/5!". Oh, and "if you want it all done in 1 trip, we'll have to go to the hospital. Otherwise, it'll take 4 visits". Blargh....

So, anyway, he's here, and he's bored. He's been good, though - he brought along his 2nd grade math book (he's 1st grade, and bored with it) and worked in it, and colored, and looked out the windo, and is now on our couch sucking on jolly ranchers (yes, I know - think about his teeth! What can I do, though?)

Note to self: the water in Webster SUCKS. As does the tea. Haul some along next time.

We bought J. a jigsaw this weekend from a pawn shop, so he's now set up to make me some hair forks. Whee! Now, to actually get him to *do* it. :g:

Hair is the same......the chlorine didn't seem to affect it in any way, nor did the cheap shampoo and condish. It's still hanging out at BSL....and I'm still impatiently waiting for it to grow longer.

I restocked the vitamin cabinet - new 1 a day (w/o iron), new hair/skin/nails, horsetail, minerals, and essential oils (this is a blend of 6, I think....Udo's is 4. We'll see how this works). I can't wait to measure next month to see if they have any affect.