December 3rd, 2006

fiber: Glimakra Loom

Houston, we have warpage!

YES - my loom is warped, the warp is beamed, and it is tied onto the front beam! I haven't tied up the treadles yet - I'm too tired to deal with the fiddling I still have to do with the countermarche tie-up - but other than that, it's Done!

30" of handspun BL/Falkland Island 2-ply, worsted-to-bulky weight, varigated dyed in burgundy. The weft is my mohair/silk 2-ply mostly worsted weight....should make for a yummy, cuddly, totally touchable shawl.

Warp was sleyed at 8 epi - 2/dent in a 4/dent reed.

Speaking of which - all you newbie weavers out there, here's a piece of free advice. Run out and buy reeds in various dents. Seriously - I have 4 ATM, and want to pick up a few more. Used ones aren't that expensive; eBay has them all the time, and a lot of shops will sell you reeds if you ask nicely. It makes life *so* much easier when you can swap out your reed instead of trying to force lumpy/bumpy yarn through a slightly too small dent. Plus, you don't have to do a lot of math to figure out how to sley 12 epi in an 8 dent reed. :g:

I'm going to go wind the weft in a moment......can't wait to fondle the yarn!

Hair: Ran to CVS today - I had a 30% off coupon good today only - and grabbed some Henna 'n' Placenta packets (among other things). When we got home, I did my hair, and then did Herself's hair. Looks good....but.

I'm not happy with the additives they have in there - alcohol and polyparaben being the most bothersome. My hair *looks* good...but I don't think it looks better than when I just cassia.

It was faster/easier, though. For comparison:

Henna n' Placenta: Wash Hair, blot dry, tear open pouch, smoosh into hair, apply shower cap, apply turbie, let soak, rinse.

Cassia: Boil water, make chamomile tea, let steep at least 20 minutes, add to powdered cassia, gag, smoosh into hair, gag, apply shower cap, apply turbie, let soak, clean up mess in kitchen, hop into shower, rinse, rinse, rinse, grab condish, rinse, rinse, rinse, do laundry.

I'll probably do a regulary cassia treatment next week or so, so I can compare the results...but we'll see. I might be weaving, instead!
fiber: Bluster Bay Shuttle


We are weaving! The tie-up isn't perfect (I threatened to have J. do it, but the loom still didn't act right) but it's good enough, and the resulting fabric is YUMMY.

There's something about weaving with handspun....I mean, it's such a charge, and a kick, to be making actual fabric out of yarn that I made from start (the sheep) to finish. (I dyed all of it, carded about 1/2 of it, and spun all of it....and now I'm weaving it. Whee!)

Gotta get back to the loom!