December 30th, 2006

Calvin: Toilet

*Yawn* Is it Monday yet?

So...let's see. I cassia'd my hair yesterday, but I changed the receipe. I used 3 bags of chamomile tea, 1 large bag of peach tea, and 5 tablespoons of cassia. Smooshed it into my hair, slapped on the heat cap, and let 'er rip for 2 hours.

The result? Nice, shiny, thick-ish, bouncy, *red* hair. Not red-red, mind you, but a nice strawberry-blonde red. It's....coppery. J. likes it. A lot. *ahem* I think I'll keep the peach tea....I like the effect. :grin: I can do SMT's with peach tea, can't I? :lol:

We hit Claire's, Sally's, and Thrallmart on Thursday...I now have quite a few new hairtoys. Mostly clips.....they all seem to work, and they all look nice. I also am talking to a jeweler here on LJ about a bun cover thingy. It's purdy! We're talking about her making me one similar to a picture she needs to be slightly less-than, since my hair is so fine. I'll post more info/pictures as things develop.

We also ran into Mineola/Lindale/Gilmer on Thursday...unfortunately, Rose Path Weaving was closed for the holidays. :bummer: We need to go back to the area next weekend, though, and J. promised me a visit there. :joy: I need to save back some money so I can have a...fruitful visit. :grin:

J's birthday was today - he enjoyed the waffle maker, even if he did figure it out before he unwrapped it. The IL's gave him some super-duper superior maple syrup, the kids each gave him some waffle mix, and my mother gave him some fruit toppings. I actually ate a waffle this AM, but rapidly regretted thing I discovered after going low-carb - I am apparantly gluten intolerant. Or, a little bit, anyway - my stomach immediately rebelled to the goodness that was a freshly baked waffle. :sigh: Ah, well......I'll gladly give up breads/waffles/pancakes/etc to maintain a happy tummy and a healthy weight.

He also found me what may be my next prezzie....he says I need a "new" vehicle. We'll see if the financing goes thru (on him only, since banks tend to frown at Ch. 13 survivors.....:shrug:) - I won't talk more about it until we know something. The price is good, though.....:fingers crossed: (even though I don't *need* another'd be nice.)

Oh - I cleaned out my closet today. Got rid of over half my clothes...I want to start the New Year out right. I failed at last year's resolution (clean the studio) (well, it WAS clean for a couple of weeks there...), so I'll re-resolve to clean the studio in 2007. If J. has his way, I'll get a real studio that I will actually have room to store stuff properly in...we'll see. It'll be nice, whenever it happens.

I think that gets me up to date.....for now, anyway.
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