January 3rd, 2007

SW: Cpt. Obvious

I took the plunge...

and placed an order with Morocco Method today, for 4 oz each of their cassia and their "marigold blonde" henna blend. According to what I've read, this blend will NOT turn my head red; it will, instead, enhance the gold/honey/blonde-ness I already have.

Yes - I will definately be doing a strand test before I totally jump in! :smile:

The peach tea induced redness has all but vanished, and I am happy - it is very strange to go from blonde to red.....looking in the mirror I kept getting shocked. I didn't really like it by the 2nd day (shhhh - don't tell J.!), so I'm glad it wasn't permanent (and why I'm a bit apprehensive about this henna blend!)

So...why did I spend $$ on a blend that I am apprehensive about? Well...henna has a lot of benefits for hair. It makes it stronger, it adds gloss, and it's permanent. Cassia shares these benefits, but...it's not permanent. It builds up over time, supposedly, but....I'd like the molecular changes that henna causes. (And yes, it does change the hair internally.....go to the LHC and check out the "Henna" thread for the scientific backup)

I was almost out of cassia anyway.....so I figured why not? The prices were pretty comparable, so......let the experiments begin!

I did send out some mohair to a lady on LHC - she is going to do some dye runs to see how long it takes for pure henna to exhaust. That way, we could use BAQ Henna without fear of color change (as long as we wanted to live with the long processing time - henna must be kept warm the whole time the dye is developing. No big deal.) I can't wait to see her results.

Back to the weekly grind....
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Good Mail day!

Whee! Just got a box from Mr. Postman - my warping reel is here! :bounce:bounce:

The coolest thing? It's a Harrisville vertical reel, *brand*spanking*new*, still in the original, unopened box, and I got it for less than 1/2 what they list for. :blink: I think it's a 20 yard reel...which is way cool - I don't think I'll ever do anything longer than that.

You may remember that I had a horizontal reel last year...yes, I loved it. Yes, it sped up my warping procedure....but it was *so*frikking*huge* that I couldn't use it easily. It was a pretty easy decision to sell it.....but I missed it. A warping board is great - especially for short(ish) warps - but it's a lot more time consuming.

Soon as the Christmas stuff is put up, I'll set this baby up and go to town. I need more dishtowels....*this* warp will be simple, mindless weaving. Fast, easy, wonderful finished product. :grin:

Oh, and I've been PM'ing a lady on LHC that has used the MM Marigold Blonde henna blend - her hair is slightly lighter than mine; she's done 5 treatments, and has seen NO color change. :bounce: Good news, this! Soon as my order gets here, I will do a strand test, then go to town.