January 12th, 2007

Calvin: Toilet


I am grumpy from lack of sleep. And not for a good reason, no.....just - stupid, neanderthal stuff. :sigh: Stuff that should have gone by the wayside long before HS graduation.

Note to self: Think teenager, not mature adult.

Hair: Mixed up a batch of Morocco Method Marigold Blonde henna this AM. It's currently sitting in a warm thermal bag in the Master Bath (very warm - or it was this AM when I left). I'll be applying it when I get home tonight...hopefully, I will have hair left when I'm done. :grin:

Himself had to build a snowman for school. The teacher sent home a large piece of paper, but said we didn't have to use it...so, we didn't. 3 styrofoam balls, a ton of fake snow, 2 bottles of glue, and a lot of swearing later, he has a snowman. With green kid mohair hair. :grin: Can't wait to see what the teacher says about it......(hey - she SAID "get creative. The more creative the better". So...we did.)

Must. not. nap. Go home in 2 hours (we have to leave early so I can take a few more pics of Mrs. Boss's inventory). Can stay awake until then.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.