January 14th, 2007

fiber: silk shawl

Finally - the damn shawl is finished!!

Whoo Hoo! The victorian shawl is DONE. It's currently blocking - I WILL post pictures once it's dry, I promise!

It's not as huge as I would like, but damn - it's done! I have enough yarn left for...maybe 2 rows. Since finishing all the yarn would require *3* rows (pattern/ws purl/cast off), I call it good.

Today was a icy rain day. No icy streets - yet - but it's been raining all day, and the temps have never been above 35*. Tonight should be fun.....

In honor of finishing the damn, fussy, lace shawl, I CO a simple EZ seamless sweater in some Cherry Tree Hill Pot Luck yarn. I had started an AS Sweater a few years ago, but the varigation and the cables just didn't work. So, to the frog pond it went, and it's been sitting ever since.

Got my County Fair entries all together, too. Just have to cut the shawl off of the Loom and fringe it, and wet finish everything, and they're good to go. Wonder if I can finish a sweater by March? :grin:

Hair - washed it this AM. Most of the red is gone :sad: - it's now a light strawberry blonde-ish sort of color. Looks good. Or, I think so anyway. :grin: