February 1st, 2007

Calvin: Toilet

When it rains....

it pours. :Sigh:

Let's see...J. quit his job Monday, so we're down to 1 income again. He's owed for last week and Monday, but no guarantee he'll actually see the $. I will probably have to become lawyer bitch with these jerks....:bigger sigh:

Himself is sick, sick, sick. Got a doc appt. this afternoon - at least I'll get off early. :grin:

The sander? Came in yesterday. Opened the box - it's not what I paid for. :sad: The seller won't do anything until I prove to him it's the wrong one. I took pictures this morning....then dropped the camera when I got to work and buggered up the USB port on it. Now it can't talk to the 'puter. :sigh: Get to run to Staples at lunch and buy a card reader......can't really afford to NOT do this, since I need the camera and need to have the sander replaced.

Good news? I found 2 more ponies, and managed to order them before the snafu. :grin: That'll be the last 2 for a while - I can't justify buying cute kitsch when I'm the only breadwinner. I need to get some henna, but that'll have to wait until the 15th. :shrug: We're OK on money....as long as no one goes on a spending spree.

I also got Herself's b-day present. Mrs. Boss collects a bunch of different (expensive) stuff, and was recently introduced to eBay by yours truly. She decided that Herself needed to start collecting something "worthwhile"...and, y'know, Anri would be a good thing. So...I hit eBay and found a lovely Anri musicbox for $20. Hope she likes it!

Gotta run.....
me: portrait

Just a quickie...

Himself has a massive upper resp infection. Big surprise, huh? He's on prednisolone and xopenex, and has to be kept home for the next 3 days (fortunately, there's no school tomorrow.) Yippee. At least J. is home to keep him, so I can go to work. (Wait - what? I wanna stay home!!)

Herself is going to the doc tomorrow to get the first of 3 HPV (cervical cancer) vaccine. I feel that this is *very* important, and when I found out our doc supported it, I signed her right up. Dunno if insurance will cover it, but I don't care - this is important. Not because I think she'll be promiscuous (or however you spell that - I'm tired!), but because you never know what'll happen. I'd rather she be somewhat protected.