February 2nd, 2007

Disney: L&S Dance with me


Too bad it's not snowing at the moment, but hey - it's Friday! Herself got shot #1 today, and took it like a champ (and, at the moment, the insurance is going to cover it, so - Yea!); Himself is still coughing, but doing his nebby treatments like the pro that he is, so - Yea! again.

Sweater: I'm at 16" now - 4" to go and the body will be DONE. I'm cogitating on dropping stitches for side "seams"...but haven't really made up my mind yet. I have time....

The lovely sarakate had suggested siamese sleeves for this sweater. Yeah - they'll work, but.....only if I do them in the round, as well. See, the yarn is self-striping. If I knit the sleeves together, but back and forth, the stripe pattern will get messed up. So....I'm thinking I need to CO 10 extra stitches (sleeve, 5 purls, sleeve, 5 purls), join, and knit around to keep the sequence the same. When I reach the finished length (minus the cuff....I'll probably CO with waste yarn, then zip it out, put the live stitches on the needles, and rib down once the sleeves are seamed up), I'll cut them apart on the 3rd purl stitches, seam 'em up, and go about steeking the body and attaching them. I don't see why this wouldn't work.....any advice out there?

Picked up a card reader at lunch from the Staples across the street. It works with my camera's software, so I don't have to install and learn anything new. Good news, that! Just gotta email the sander pictures now....