February 15th, 2007

Calvin: Faces

blah blah blah (very stream-of-thought)

cold. coldcoldcold. temp this am was 27 - but with a windchill, making it 17. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

caved and bought j a cellphone. he'd been on a friend's plan, but she's decided her *4* year old needs the phone more than he does. no biggie - it upped my cell bill by $17/month - and now it's *his* phone. he just has to notify everyone of his new number :grin:

he and his "partner" are in the middle of a huge dustup. partner brought him back on false pretenses....it's messy. wish i still had......underground friends. :whistles innocently: or a good, friendly contact with the irs.......:blink:

hair is at 24" now - actually a little above. need to do a deep condish - honey/mane'n'tail - soon, as the ends are looking a little dry.

need to go to penzey's today - the chili cook-off is sunday, and i'm almost out of chili powder. the kids have discovered the joys of sweet curry...gotta get some more of that (and recipies, people - share recipies for curry, please! especially chicken!) and cinnamon for more sticky buns. and....whatever else catches my eye. (why yes, it is payday, and i did pay all the bills. well, almost all of the bills. this is grocery shopping!)

wrist is slightly swollen, and still tender. arrrgh.

woven shawl is dry, just need a pic. it'll not stay a shawl, though - it's going to grow up and become a nice warm jacket. after the fair....don't think i have time to get it cut out and sewn up (and i can't knit the cuffs/waist right now anyway). it'll be nice.....