February 19th, 2007

Calvin: Toilet


not a lot going on (with me, anyway..) J.'s "partner" (i'd like to hog-tie him) has gone berserk, and he's got to move his tools again. like...now. :sigh: this means, of course, that he hasn't been paid in...3 weeks now? 4? bleck. i'm not much help - all i want to do is kick me some stupid man-ass, but i won't since i'm currently among the walking wounded. if J. would just take the zoey-monster, i think things might work out....:eg:

got to card the rest of the doghair today - gotta get it all spun by irish fest. that should be fun!

oh - weekend update! i can do that!

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today is lazy day. carding dog hair - it won't hurt my wrist, which, yeah - it's broke. again. it's all swollen now, and every-so-slightly bruised where i think the break is. *sigh* i can't take calcium, so i need to make sure i'm more careful. my sweater is definately out of the fair - i can't get it finished. oh, well....i'll figure something out.