February 27th, 2007

Calvin: Faces

Sneaking this in before a meeting...

Work is kicking my butt right now - like it always does this time of year. It's worse right now, thanks to the incompetent bank we are dealing with, but.....ah, well. April 15th will be here and gone before I know it.

Himself has to take the Alamo to school by Friday. It's currently in pieces in the garage...wonder if she'd accept an "after the battle" edition? :ponders: I accidently ran over it last night....it was sitting just a little too far into my parking spot. :sheepish grin: No harm done - just a nice tire print....it should cover up just fine when he paints the bleeding thing.

I have to take him to the doctor tomorrow - his cough is *still* not gone, and it's worse. A nice, wet, barking cough...which, in the past, has led to pneumonia and other nasty stuff. :sigh: At least I get a day off out of it.....

Wrist still busted. Still quite painful to try and use, so I keep it in the brace. No knitting for me. :sad face:

Hair: did another MM treatment on Saturday. Hair feels nice, thick, and strong. It has slight reddish highlights, which surprises me since my mohair samples didn't show any color at all. :ponder: It's up in a bun today, held by my silver-n-pearl bun cover. I wanted to feel pretty today. :grin:

NTIF is this weekend. They've moved us this year - I don't get my lounge space. :sad: No biggie - I'll just haul the Scottish wheel along - she's big, yes, but she has a smaller footprint than the lovely Norwegian Saxony. (She's tall as opposed to long.) I need to put the original flyer back on her, and she'll be good to go. I've already got the roving pulled out - the stuff I got from Rosepath Weaving - and my basket is still packed from the last demo I did before Christmas. Just need to shift a few things around, and add the clan stuff. I'm also thinking of baking some scones....must see. Depends on when I get up Saturday AM. :grin:

I spun as much of the pyr hair as I could stand to - I think that's part of Himself's problem. Too much strange dog dander. It was NASTY stuff...all mats, all cut out, not shed, and......ick. Never again. I managed to get 3 skeins out of it....but ick. I'll wash 'em tonight, then hand them over (happily!) Saturday.

Have a nurse/paramedic coming out tonight - we applied for life insurance on everybody from the agent at church. Fun stuff.....