March 20th, 2007

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

Is this thing on....?

So, I gathered up some samples last night for Alden. 4 singles, and 5 plied yarns. I tried to label them all....hope I gave enough information to help him out. It's been so long since I had to send him samples (1998, IIRC) that I have forgotten what info he needs. :blush: I did *not* include any doghair yarn, since Steph is allergic to it - she's also allergic to bunny fluff, so no Angora samples, either.

I'm leaning heavily towards the 36". (Thanks, Sara! You make a great enabler! *g*) We'll see what the Great One says...but that's where my lust lies. This will absolutely, positively be the last wheel I order from Alden (ummm...yeah, so I think I've said that before, but I really, really mean it this time!), so I want to make sure I'm happy forever. (Hey, who am I kidding? It's an AA - of course I'll love it forever - his wheels rock. Seriously!)

A shout-out for my DH. He finished out a lovely paduak hair fork for me last night - it's in my hair now. It's lovely, very nice, smooth, and holds fantastically. He's got 3 more in the works - all out of zebrawood. (Yes, I admit it - I am an exotic wood slut. The more colorful, the better - you can keep your maple (unless it's curly!), your chestnut (unless it's highly figured!!), send me the purpleheart, paduak, zebrawood, ebony, etc.) 2 are pi-shaped, the 3rd is more organic - like a capital "P" (only, it's a bit too thick, so it needs to be sanded down pretty far. It's too heavy for my hair right now :wails:) All are lovely, and I can't wait for them to be finished so I can wear them.

Got the Fair entries all labeled and packed....did I take pictures? Of course not! :sigh: I'll do it like I did last year - once I get them home on Saturday. I'll be glad when it's over - I wanna wear my silk shawl!!! And my lace socks!!! *ahem* I'll drop them off tomorrow evening...then pace until Saturday when I see the results.

I have just about worked out a swap - some of my handspun for a finished Calorimetry. I like how it looks, but I *HATE* knitting back and forth....I've got some handspun to send to have 1 made for me, and as soon as she tells me what she'd like, I'll get some spun up for her. Win/Win, in my book. :grin:

Tax Returns calleth....