April 18th, 2007

me: portrait

It's Wednesday....

...and my sock is coming along nicely. I'm only 7 rounds from starting the heel flap....whee! That's what happens when you have quite a bit of free time during the day........knitting is good therapy.

Moved Destiny (the Appy) into the back yard yesterday. I felt sorry for her - she was stuck in the round pen with no grass at all - and my back yard had become a jungle, so..there ya go. She is very unsocialized - I need to work with her quite a bit. It shouldn't have taken 15 minutes to get a halter on her head, and I shouldn't have had to pop the lead a few times while we were walking (at least she only stepped on me 3x). :sigh: I'll put it on the list. She's been ignored for far too long, and needs manners badly. At least she's pretty sweet.

We got home late last night - the kids tried to watch NOVA on the van's TV, but it was touch and go for most of the trip home. They got to watch the last 5 minutes at home....we'll catch it the next time it comes on. Hopefully I can keep Tuesdays free from now on, so they can watch it instead of missing it.

Thanks to the lovely ritaspins37, I am set for the demo this weekend. Lovely, bright clown spore should be a *huge* hit with the crowds. I've got a bunch of yarn samples that I need to re-label, and I need to warp one of the looms...but other than that, I'm ready.

I brought the Jumbo flyer up to work today, to send to Alden, but I don't have a box big enough. Must keep hunting - he's willing to try and make it fit the Cansax. That would be *too* cool. A production wheel with 3 flyer assemblies.......whee! :grin: I just need to get back into waiting mode.....