May 5th, 2007

fiber: bobbin


I started the "fire" yarn last night. I have forgotten how slippery superwash is, but it is going swimmingly! It's been awhile since I sat down to just spin (long story...the underlying cause has been addressed, and there *will* be more time at the wheel from now on!), so this is a good way to get back in the spin of things.

I've also found the pattern for this yarn....I'll have to do the socks toe-up (new technique! Oh boy...), but that's OK. How could I *not* use "flickering flames" on this pair of socks? :grin: come up with colors and pattern for "earth"....I have the wool for "Air" (I think, anyway...I might change my mind..), but no pattern in mind. I have time....:lol:

Now, if you'll excuse me - my wheel is calling me. At 6:30 in the morning...:grin:
misc: Longhair


So, I'm sitting here with green hair (no worries - it's cassia/honey/chamomile tea, and it'll wash right out in an hour or so) thinking about my next pair of socks. I'm thinking I can go ahead and knit the "Flickering Flames" pattern top down....when I turn the picture upside down, it still looks good, so I'm thinking it'll be OK.

I have a 1/2 full bobbin of flame singles, and it's looking awesome. Bright, flickering fire, all wound on the bobbin. I can't wait to start knitting!

I got my French Twist comb today from Artistree Woods - it's cool. Cocobolo (I ordered Bloodwood, but it's OK - I LOVE cocobolo!), smaller than the norm, and it works. It's a bit heavy - but as my hair gets longer it'll balance itself out. Very nice - I highly recomend Dave!

We hit a "new" grocery store was OK. Prices were great on some things (dog food...) and "ehhh" on others. I'll probably go there for the dog stuff, but stay at Brookshire's for the rest.

My wheel is singing her siren song - must go spin!