May 22nd, 2007

me: portrait

It's a....

GIRL! Or, filly, to be exact! :grin:

Here's her pretty, pretty face:

baby face
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And here's her profile:

baby profile
Originally uploaded by fiberaddict75126.

Magic kept getting in the way...."Princess" (for now..) has 3 white stockings, and 1 possible anklet, a pretty blaze, and the cutest ears. She's a feisty li'l thing - and very stubborn. (don't foot will be OK in a bit. :grin:)

She seems very healthy (whoo!) and is quite the charmer. Mom seems to be doing OK. I'll have the vet out tomorrow to verify everything is OK - but she is *loads* healthier than last year's foal ever thought about being. :fingers crossed: