May 25th, 2007

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And we have

2 fillies. Moonie popped this morning about 5. The problem? She is refusing to let the baby nurse. She hasn't hurt it - yet - but...I don't have a good feeling about this. (My mother is out there now waiting on the vet, so I've been getting up-to-the-minute updates).

The baby *looks* healthy; she was a wee bit unsteady at 5:30, but moving easily. She was alert...just very hungry. Mom hasn't been able to catch either one....hopefully my vet will be more successful. :sigh: She's chestnut also, with....some (hey - it was 5:30 AM. I had a flashlight and was trying to ID a moving target)white socks and a blaze. (Sound familiar? hmmmmmmmmm) *IF* things brighten up, I'll have pictures...:fingers crossed:

Best case: Moonie accepts foal.

2nd best: MAGIC accepts foal, and nurses 2 (with some supplementation)

3rd best: *I* bottle feed foal (no, please - I *need* my sleep! :grin:)

Worst case: Foal dies from either maternal action or starvation. (No, please!!)

:sigh: At least I know my vet's truck payment will be made this month :grin:

Vet is due out at 9:30.........:watches clock impatiently:
me: portrait

Quick Update

Vet just left - baby is healthy, a bit small, but fine. *HE* caught Moonie (and charged me for the priviledge......:sigh:), twitched her, and the baby went to *town* on the milk bar. As of 10 minutes ago, Moonie was in the exact same spot, and baby would pop on, take a few swigs, then bounce around, come back, wash/rinse/repeat. :whew:

She's chestnut with a bright blaze (duh - that's how I saw her this AM, that white stripe glowing in the moonlight next to Moonie's back end :grin:), 4 socks - 2 long ones in front, 2 short ones in back, and a sweet attitude. I'll try to get pictures tonight, but we'll see how it goes.

I've been given orders to check on them EVERY Hour for the next few days :sigh: to make sure baby's eating. There goes MY sleep.....ah, well.

Moonie's still for sale.....but not immediately. :grin: She's a sweet mare, but not as "in your tent" as my others - and personality takes precedence over bloodlines (her's are *terrific*, old CMK to the nth degree); I prefer the "born broke" lines. We'll see if Dusty added that to the wee princess.

Oh, man - now I gotta do *2* names....We have Princess Flutterbutt...what to call this one....