May 27th, 2007

me: portrait

Here ya go!

Pictures of the new baby girl!

Here she is, checking out the puddles in her pasture:

curious baby
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And, here she is next to Moonie:

Pretty girl!
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Moonie is NOT a natural mother, although she's turning out to be a decent one. I just...I can't keep a mare that I have to constantly watch - she's getting better about the nursing thing, but I had to tie her up for over an hour yesterday morning, then I had to hold her for almost a half hour yesterday evening, just to make sure Lady Spindlelegs got some food. :sigh:

Add to that, Moonie isn't as in-your-face as my other takes a good 30 minutes to even *catch* her, and she's pissed the whole time. She's for sale as of Now, but she can't leave until the foal is weaned (6 months)...I can't take the hassle.

Magic, on the other an attention whore. If I go out to feed, she's *right* there, demanding (gently!) attention. I pulled a brush out yesterday, and you'd'a thought I was brining Nirvana. :grin:

Both babies got brushed, as well - and Flutterbutt got to wear a halter. She was a bit indignant at first, but decided the brushing was worth the ugly accessory. :heh: Spindlelegs didn't wear a halter, but got held and brushed.

Life is *very* interesting around here! :grin: