June 25th, 2007

EOI: M'lady

It's Monday...

and I have NO MORE Star Trek movies to watch! Huzzah!

We watched the first *8* movies, back to back to back, this weekend. It...wasn't as bad as I feared - it's been *years* since I've seen a ST movie - but it wasn't....wasn't *good*.

I like TNG, and, fortunately, so do the kids. I have been ordered :snerk: to find the entire TNG saga on DVD so that we can watch from the beginning - original Trek, not so much. :grin: We especially want to see the Borg episodes.......:snicker:

So...that's my next mission - finding cheap-o copies of TNG's entire run. Should be a piece of cake, yes? :rollseyes:

In other news, I had bad dreams last night......I think it's related to all the news. :sigh:
me: portrait


Well, this sucks. :grin:

We have a big meeting with the estate attorney today; I'm wearing my cute l'il capri set. I run down to the ladies room, do my thing, and realize that......I've blown out the inseams of my capris. :headdesk:

Fortunately, I was a girl scout - I have a sewing kit at my desk and was able to quickly repair it. :whew:

The pants will have to go once I get home....but at least I'm decent for this. And lunch...

3 hours later.....

Att'y left at 1 - a little earlier than I expected. We had lunch at the Mercury - Chris Ward's menu will brighten even the darkest afternoon - but our afternoon was bright. This guy is a tiger - cleared up a bunch of misconceptions we had, made some *awesome* suggestions, and is ready to kick some Probate butt. :grin:

Oh - lunch? Cracklin' Chicken with a salad, mousseline potatoes and Italian shortcake, with amaretto cream sauce.