June 28th, 2007

Disney: L&S Caffeine

I's tired!

But the house is clean, the floors vacuumed and mopped (LOVE that sweet Pine-sol smell!), the laundry is almost finished....all that's left for the Sabbath prep is changing out the tablecloth in the AM. :whew:

Next week I'll try my hand at challah - I just didn't have time this week. I might try to grab a loaf at the local Tom Thumb - the one across from my work is kosher - they'll probably have one.

We tried a new restaurant at lunch - ziziki's. It's greek - and yummy! I had the lamb salad - it was fabulous. I think it'll be added to the rotation..:grin:

Did the monthly grocery run last night....I am now almost fully stocked. I'm ready for the vegetable prices to go up now. :grin: