July 9th, 2007

Calvin: Toilet


My head feels the size of Detroit....it's stuffy. And full. And slow. urk. Throat hurts - hope it's not strep again!

Good news - looks like I *don't* have to go to court tomorrow. I was able to get a copy of the contract in question (long story short - my house paperwork and tractor paperwork disappeared in April...then mysteriously re-appeared in June(on a day that my garage door was open when I got home.....) but the original contract wasn't there.) I finally got a hold of the provider, he faxed me the copy, I faxed it on to the Court...and I'll be at work tomorrow. Joy! One less thing to worry about.

Shawl is coming along. I *hate* garter stitch..but it's what my cousin wants (warm over the shoulders, lacy on the edges), and that's what counts. I'm about 16 rows from starting the lace pattern....can't wait!

Had catfish for lunch - I couldn't *taste* it, but it was still good. I gained 2.5 pounds on vacation, so I need to get it off - can't swim, because of the weather, can't work out because of my head - the catfish is a good start.

Need to research guinea fowl and jewelers.