July 18th, 2007

Disney: L&S Caffeine

It's Wednesday...

and we have been swamped at work. Mrs. Boss has been here all day, every day - which isn't bad, per se, it's just.....we get *nothing* done because we are re-hashing stuff we've already re-hashed 10,000 times before. :sigh:

Today, she's not coming in :fingers crossed: This means I can get caught up on our contract work (almost done!), whip up my grocery list (ditto), and print out some more Torah Class lessons (I'm 1/2 thru Leviticus - fascinating reading. Just - fascinating! To see how the sacraficial types were all fulfilled in the NT - it's mind-boggling! Next up: Numbers!)

I might even get some knitting in - I'm almost to the lace section of the shawl! Whee! :grin:

I think I may have sold Erynne's filly....just have to set a price. Guess I should do some research on *that* today, too. :grin: Gotta sell Finn and Moonie and Princess Spindlelegs next......that'll leave me with 4. We'll see how that goes.

The weather has been fabulous lately - not too hot, beautiful, perfect swimming weather. The kids lessons are going *great* - Himself can now swim on his back the full length of the pool, and Herself can swim the full length with her face in the water :bigeyes: Amazing! I'm impressed - only 2 days, and So Much Progress!

This weekend I have 3 kidlets again. :grin: Gotta find something to keep them occupied so I can warp up the Glimakra (the dishtowel warp is measured and chained...I might try to sley it tonight and tomorrow, but I don't think I'll be able to get it completly done. 490 threads is A LOT of string! :grin:) Let's not mention the actual *threading*......:lol:

Not much else to report....hopefully I can see some $$ from the filly, so I can do a *full* grocery shop instead just a fill-in. Ah, well....G-d will provide - he always does!