August 2nd, 2007

Calvin: Toilet

When it rains, it pours....

only I'm not talking about the weather (what's UP with that, anyway? It's rained for the past 30+ days, it seems.....the ark will be loading soon. We have a frog infestation in our front yard, and the ducks are Happy!)

Not only is my dishwasher DOA (wait - did I mention that? Oh...well, it started making this really wild growling-type noise shortly after *someone* (who shall remain nameless, but yes - I know Who; can't Prove that it isn't coincidental...but I've got my doubts) came in and left some stuff - and it's gotten worse. I don't know if there is something physically *wrong* with the motor (ie, bearing) or if something has been shoved down in there...but I get to handwash dishes for now), but now my washing machine is dead. The repairman thinks it's the pump, due to my ever-so-intelligent description ("See, it leaks water out the bottom. And soap. Lots of soap. Yeah......leaks." :grin:), and, thanks to Sears being willing to re-warranty their stuff cheaper than it costs to actually pay a service call/parts/time, I'm getting *it* fixed. I can live without a dishwasher....but NOT without my clothes washer! (The dishwasher will be re-warranty-ed next payday or so......the checkbook can only handle 1 at a time!)

The serviceman will also clean and tune-up my dryer (for a whopping $39! Whoo hoo!) at the same time. :sigh: I get to miss a day of work next week ("He'll be there between the hours of 8AM and 5PM"), but hey - I'll have a working washer! And clean dryer! Go, Me!

Got 2 kids tonight....up to 3 tomorrow night. Circus Saturday....spin-in sorta thing on Sunday. Full weekend.....can't wait! :grin: I'm hoping to get back on the warping...we'll see. Got lots planned.....
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Today was Promotion Day....

I didn't get a raise, but I did get a new job description! My titles now include "Chief Duck Wrangler". :snicker: See what ya'll miss by not working in my happenin' place? :giggle:

Mrs. Boss has a lovely pool - and the ducks agree. Mama duck was sitting on eggs (9 in total, it appears)...they hatched sometime last night/early this AM (we didn't know she was sitting - we'd checked last week, but didn't see her). 4 fluffy, silly, ducklings were in her pool this AM...and they couldn't get out.

So, me to the rescue. :snicker: I managed to get the 4 out - we found a deceased one in one of the skimmer baskets - and relocated to the garden...but she just called me, and all 4 are back in the pool. :sigh: Mama's not - she's PiSsEd OfF at the moment. :chuckle:

I'm not to go back out there right now....but I have a feeling I'll be chasing ducks again this afternoon/tomorrow. :snicker:
Calvin: Happy Dance


Just got off of the phone - a gentleman here used to be a rug weaver....he got out of it because this place is too cheap for handicrafts (tell me about it!)....but he has all this....stuff....just sitting around.

That is, until Saturday, when I am taking it off of his hands. :grin: 400 cones of Maysville carpet warp, shuttles, rags for weft, stuff, a 2H rug loom, more stuff........

I'm thinking our guild has it's first piece of loaner equipment.....:grin:


Man, that article sure is paying off! We have our first meeting Tuesday evening...we got equipment.....whee!!!!!!!!!
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