August 10th, 2007

SW: Obi 'Hello Ladies'


Last night was busy, busy, busy! Ran to the store, ate, bathed 2 of the dogs, hit them with flea spray, fed the beasties, hit the pool, sheared Himself, AND watched an episode of ST:TNG. Whew!

Himself looks *much* better. I'm a dab hand with the clippers - guess 10+ years of showing horses paid off. :grin: HE likes it, so all is well. (He was very shaggy. Now...he has 1/4" of hair. Very cool.)

The dogs were *very* happy last night. The baths, not so much, but the A/C - oh, yeah. It STILL hasn't hit 100* yet - that's supposed to happen today (weird weather for TX....we're usually mired in 20+ 100* days by now.)

Got a roast in the crock pot for tonight...IF the dawgs leave it alone today. :grin: Also have a fresh loaf of bread.....dinner tonight will be yummy!
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