August 16th, 2007

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Just a quickie...

it's been crazy busy here lately. :whew:

Guild went great - we are (for the moment) meeting every Tuesday. Pretty soon I'll have to bail on some of them - I can't keep up with all the late nights! :grin: I taught a lady how to spin - the Norwegian is a wonderful wheel, but it is NOT suitable for teaching newbies. Still, she did well - filled 2 bobbins - and I'll bring the Louet next week.

The bad news? I BROKE one of my bobbins! :wail: The wonderfully talented Alden has told me to ship it back and he'll operate - so that's good. But...:wah:!

It's been hot, hot, hot here lately - the pool was 90* last night. :sweats:

Have my sermon notes typed up - there's just a few more things to add to it (you've been warned! :grin:) I'm......well, there's quite a bit I didn't agree with, and it's taken time to pull it together. Plus, I woke up this AM with another bit that needs to be added.....

More later!
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OK, I gotta get it out – Sunday’s "sermon" has been bothering me...especially since the folks sitting in front of me were impressed. :rolleyes: I'm of 2 minds on emailing her......on the one hand, she - well, a lot of people take critcism as a personal attack. I don't know that I need that right now....on the other, I can't let unTruth go unanswered - especially if I have a good idea OF the answer.

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