August 31st, 2007

Calvin: Happy Dance


I learned the coolest thing yesterday in my Torah Class lesson - there is a repeating pattern of Hebrew letters that spells out the word "Torah" in a fixed sequence in the beginning of 4 of the 5 books of the Torah. Gen 1: 1-5, it's speled forwards, with each letter of the word spaced exactly 49 letters apart (7x7), starting with the final letter of the first word and going forward. Ditto in Exodus 1: 1-6, starting with the final letter of the 2nd word.

In Leviticus, you get the Divine name of YHVH spelled out, with the letters precisly 7 letters apart. (7 of course, is the divine number of God)

In Numbers, the word Torah is spelled backwards in the 7x7 interval.....but in Deuteronomy, the interval is 48. Why? Because Deuternomy was written BY Moses - man. And, man is not Divine.

Totally cool! It geeked me out, to be sure. :grin:

In other news...kiddos still liking school. Herself does her homework in class, Himself brings it home and finishes it within about 15 minutes.

He decided he wanted chili tonight for our Sabbath meal....OK. I can do that. We had to hit the grocery store last night anyway, so I bought some fresh meat (no thawing! Speeds up the process!)..I also found some lamb (yummy!) and the rest of the groceries. This AM I browned the meat and got the chili going....supper will be fast tonight - it's already done! :grin:

Got my Lacis order in yesterday...I'm not real impressed with the pomamder ball (to hold tatting thread) - it's WAY too big for my teeny wrists; the hardwood shuttle is not impressive...but the workbook is cool. :lol: LOTS of ideas there....

Gotta run - bosslady is on her way up....