September 2nd, 2007

EOI: M'lady

Happy....Labor day?

And labor I have. My kitchen is spotless (less the floor....I'll be doing all the floors at one time next weekend), the cabinets have been scrubbed, the counters cleared, scrubbed and re-organinzed, the appliances have been scrubbed. The dining area has been emptied and reset...all that's left there is to clear the window sills and scrub the walls down. Next up: the family room. (ugh.....) I've already started in there - the slipcovers have been removed, the furniture spritzed with odoban and new slipcovers installed. I'm about to hit the entertainment center - get it cleared off, dusted, and the VHS/DVDs reorganized. Tomorrow I'll scrub the walls, re-do the computer area, then hit the front room. Rosh Ha'shannah is 11 days away - and I'll need every one of them to get ready!

There will not be a sermon recap this week...because we didn't go to church. We did Sunday School - I finished the Communion Class today - but we left right after. The plan was to revisit the Star Wars exhibit. Due to stupidity on my part (why in the world would I want to pre-order our tickets? I mean, this is the last weekend - all the fans have already been, so no problem, right? Yeah....)we didn't get to go. We got there at 1:15 - and they were all sold out until the 5:15 slot. Ummm.....let's see....2 kidlets, 4 hours to Not at all.

We went back to the truck and regrouped...and ended up at the Ft. Worth Zoo. Way cool - the kids each had a camera, and filled it up, and my card has quite a few on it, too. We fed the birds - Herself was able to coax a bunch down; I had to help Himself - but with him, I coaxed 2 birds onto my stick, and he got up close and personal. Hope the pictures came out! The Lion was in a mood, the chimps were playing, the elephant - ah, the elephant.

Mr. Elephant was a close to the edge of the enclosure. He kept poking his trunk at us...I have *never* been that close to a heffalump! His truck came within 2" of me (no shit!) - what it was, he was trying to reach a leaf that was right over my head...he finally got it, and we got to watch him eat it. (Way cool!!)

We made it back home - went thru 2 thunderstorms, and past 4 wrecks - and hit the pool. :whew: I'm tired - and still have the entertainment center to do.

I am GOING to TAKE A NAP tomorrow. For SURE. I'm pooped! :grin: