September 19th, 2007

Calvin: Faces

God sure has a sense of humor.....

I mean, really!

I came to the (shocking) realization last night that I am *happy*, truly happy, for the first time in, well, years. I'm always joyful, but this is bubbling over, everything's coming up roses happy.

The kids got up in jolly moods today (the fact that it's "Talk Like a Pirate Day", and I put on my best Pirate Wench to get them up probably helped), and we were be-bopping all morning. Got to the daycare, and God decided to bring me back down to earth. :snicker:

I should explain the daycare - it's set up like an old-timey farm. There are 3 buildings, in a sort of "U" shaped set up. When you walk up, you enter a fenced-in, covered patio-area that is occupied by an antique John Deere tractor (there used to be bunnies there, too....I was on clean-up detail when the stray dogs discovered them...). You enter the "Farmhouse", where the office and infants are located, go past the "Chicken Coop", where the pre-schoolers go, and into the "Barn", where the school-agers stay. Got it? OK.

So, we all troop in this morning. I had to give the cat a few more lessons in not biting, then I followed the kids into the barn. Got them settled, gave them all kisses, and headed toward the door....only to be met by the biggest, hairiest, UGLIEST 8-legged demonspawn from the very depths of Hell - carried away there - it was a 2.5" - 3" (no, I am NOT exaggerating in the slightest) spider. :shudder:

The entire tri-county area heard me as I levitated to the opposite side of the room. The kids came running - one of the boys said "Hey - I'll get a cup!" while the daycare lady scrambled to find *something* to move him out with. (I'm standing on the back wall chanting "Step on him! Step on him!" while she's saying "Not me - nuh uh! He's too big!")

I have no idea what she did with it - but I was finally able to throw myself thru the door. :shudder: Yes, I am the laughingstock of the daycare - I don't care. That sucker was enormous - and he was after *me*.

I'll be searching for spider-stomping songs later, I think......
me: portrait

I just *love* productive meetings....

This is gonna be very stream of consciousness, since I'm in a meeting. :grin: It's not an important one - just one for the Financial (un)Advisor (late, as usual) to be able to hit us with an extra fee - we're going over the 6-month financials and Amended CA return (#4, I think - I've lost count! The bank has screwed this up So Much it isn't even funny......)

After careful examination (read: poking and prodding :lol:), it has been determined that my wrist is not, in fact, broken. I can't explain the swelling and numbness, but at least I have managed to make it almost a full year without an official break. (Break out the booze, Edna - we need to party! :grin:) It's swollen so badly I had to remove my ring this morning - it was cutting off the circulation :blink:. *That's* never happened before - even with a break!

I can't see that it's the knitting - yes, I've knocked out 4.5 wash cloths in the past week, but they're on sz 8s, and go quickly (92-ish rows don't take that long). Herself's fox is on 15s and 10.5s....and I haven't done much with it lately. :ponders: Haven't done hardly any spinning - besides, my left hand is the forward hand, and doesn't do much - it has to be the grain. :sigh: Gotta come up with some other way to refill the barrels......

I talked to my aunt last night - *that* was a mistake. They'd been married 50 years.......I bawled the whole way home. I know what she's facing.....pretty much.....and it's not easy. (There I go again......gotta change the subject!) Ummm.....

The spiders are gonna eat me today, I just know it. I found the "secret" chocolate stash co-worker "hid" in the file room.......being guarded by a small 8-legged gestapo agent. I can't get away from them! :snicker: I blasted him into oblivion with my shoe - causing all the dogs (= office mascots, I guess. Wonder if the managment would ban them if I brought Zoey up here one day? :grin:) to go nuts.

It's State Fair season - it starts next week. I need to find out when the kids are off, and see about maybe taking them this year - they've never been. Gotta find someone to go with, though - I can't keep up with both of them on the Midway by myself. (I know my limits! :grin:) Even if I can't, I'll take the day off ALWAYS rains during the fair, which is good sleeping weather. :grin:

I was up until 10:30 last night. I should have given up and worked on the loom.....but I didn't. I'll do that tonight, since I can forsee it happening again. :sigh: Hey - maybe I'll be able to thread the heddles this weekend....and start weaving! I need to get back to, I still have that scarf commission to knock out. The allergy meds have quit working (figures - that's the norm with me. A med will work for maybe 1 week, then just quit. Pain meds last maybe 2 stuff!)

Got a demo next weekend at the County-wide Archeological Fair (we're the "Living History" portion of the Fair :grin:) 7 hours of spinning.....I can do that! :grin: Then I get a weekend off, and it's off to Bedford for the Celtic Festival - *2* days of spinning fun. Whee! Then....nothing until March. As far as I know, anyway. (There is at least 1 more Festival....but I can't see how to budget for it this close to time. Maybe next year..... If I do that Fest, I can't take the kids to NASA 1 more time this year.....and that is NOT to be bourne! :grin:)

Finally was able to nail down a concept drawing for my bathroom. It's rough, but I can *see* it now. Need to work out the background a bit, then I can buy more paint and jump in. :grin:

Found out last night that the original property owner has moved out, as of yesterday..I *never* thought she would move - she told me she was gonna die there. :blink: Her kids ganged up on her and forced her into it.....and she's not really happy, or so I hear. Not sure how I feel about this.....

This has to be the most boring meeting......ever. I'm over here, listening, and twiddling my thumbs (and writing this :grin:)..and staving. It's now 12:35.....:sigh:

The meeting is just now wrapping I'll post this quickly. I am BORED. And Hungry.....
misc: Sexy Kilt

Funny thing happened at Guild last night....

yeah, I'm chatty today. Oh, well....:grin:

Somehow or the other, we got to talking about kilts. Men In Kilts, to be exact. Now, I've made NO secret about how I feel about Men in Kilts (see icon - Yum! :grin:)....I like 'em. I especially like it when they walk away...:evil grin:

There was a new-ish lady there (I think she was there last week, but I wasn't), and she had the most surprised look on her face the entire conversation. Ah, well......if she doesn't like kilts, that's fine - I'll watch 'em for her. :grin:

There's just something about a well-fitted kilt......any gent who's wearing one is more manly, masculine....BUT, only if he's comfortable in it. Too many guys wear one because they know women like them (I am NOT naming names here, nosireebob!), but they really have no clue. They are self-conscious...and that is HIGHLY unattractive.

Damn - now I gotta go dig out Rob Roy or Braveheart......:grin:
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