September 25th, 2007

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Lotsa blathering going on...

Had some interesting conversations with the kidlets lately...they're smart. Very perceptive. Still kids, but not so little anymore..:sigh: Where DOES the time go?

Started a new wrist-warmer last night - my kid mohair/silk one sprang a leak :grin: - it was a fast, bulky spun yarn, and apparantly I didn't give it enough twist in 1 spot, so it separated. No biggie - they're what? 4 years old now? I'll dig out the leftover yarn (if I can find it..if not, I'll spin up a bit more) and fix it sometime.

The new one is in a 2-ply spun from a "Color Me" roving in Greens (green/yellow/blue/teal and variations where the plying barber-poled). 44 stitches on size 4s. I've done 1" (so far) in 2x2 rib....I'm thinking I need at least 3" before I start the thumb gusset. (This one will actually have partial fingers, since I'm trouble with mine now. :sigh: It just never stops, does it?) It's very pretty - right now, I've got stripes of various colors going on...we'll see what it does when I get to the palm. :grin:

It is SO humid today, my hair, it is a'showin' it. Hopped out of the shower, slapped on a wee bit of coconut oil to the ends (while it was wet - the ends have been very velcro-y lately) and, boy howdy, do I have the curls! Instead of the usual soft s-curls, I have tight ringlets. In fact, I had to leave 1 lock down this morning - I have a perfect "DNA" helix right in front of my right ear. :grin: We'll see how long it lasts.....

Guild tonight - I packed the portable DVD player so that I might actually be able to spin a bit. Knitting's fun...but I'd rather spin. We've got the demo Saturday, so I need to draw up my list and make sure I know where everything is.

Back to knitting....:grin:
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I am being forced to listen to OLD country music up here today :ick: Ms. boss didn't come out came the iTunes. And I am not in control of it. :bleck:

In good news: I am in the middle of the thumb gusset now. 3" of 2x2, 6 rounds straight K, and now the gusset. I'm hoping to have it done by the demo Saturday - we'll see.

I'm NOT working on it tonight - I'd rather SPIN. My wheel has been singing her siren song, and I must answer it - I've got 1 more batt to spin up, and I *think* I can fit it all on the original bobbin....maybe. :grin: Won't know 'til I try, anyway. :lol: