September 27th, 2007

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It's Thursday...

which means the week is almost over! Huzzah!

Found out this AM that the police calvacade I saw yesterday morning was, indeed, after the escapee from my town. Seems he found a car with the keys in it (Not unusual out here - *I* leave the keys in my truck all the time. Granted, my truck lives in a garage, but's the COUNTRY) and took himself for a little joyride.

They caught him near Ennis......I'm still not sure why they needed 20+ cops from other cities, but hey - whatever works. :grin:

Am stalled on the glove - I can't figure out how to divide for the fingers. (Pattern? What's that? :grin:) I have 44 stitches, if anyone wants to try and toss percentages/numbers my way. :perplexed: (Please help - I can't knit on it 'til I have these numbers, and I am BORED at work already. :twitch: and :grin:) (Yes - 44 stitches. I have teeny li'l hands - the 44 stitches are actually a bit loose right there. :grin: My gauge works out to about 6.25 stitches per inch, according to my calculations - which makes it about 7.5" around.)

Demo this weekend. I'm travelling light - just the wheel, my basket of wool, and my chair. Should be fun - a whole day of nothing but spinning and stupid questions. :grin: (No, we don't kill the sheep. No, this isn't weaving -it's SPINNING. See the *wheel*? See how it's *spinning* around and around? :bangs head:) Actually, the stupid questions are why I do this - so that I can educate people on where their clothing actually comes from. (You'd think people out here would have a clue - this is farm country....but, No, you'd be wrong. :grin:)

Was a bad girl yesterday - ordered some yarn for the scarf commission (finally!), and a pound of green superwash. (Did I mention the wool is green? And on sale? And Emerald??? :grin:) Then...oh, I was bad....I treated myself to a Ficcare Jade Maximas clip. :swoon: Can't wait for the postman to deliver *that*. I hope the spring isn't too stiff for me to use (Shut.Up. with the innuendos...I HEARD that! :snerk:)

Soon as the wool gets here, I've got to get going on the scarves. 4 scarves in 4 different colorways. Fun stuff - I'll be using the Structo for them, since it's a)unwarped and b)has treadles. The Glimarka is almost sleyed for dishtowels, so it's out (plus, it takes so Bloody Long to get it balanced, I'd rather do long warps on it. Scarves...not so long.) I should be able to bang them out pretty quickly - scarves don't take a lot of weaving time.
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Blah, part the 2nd

Ms. boss is in one hell of a mood today....and guess who's day it is to get it taken out on? :sigh:

Good news: the glove, it is almost finished. 3 more rounds on the last finger, then the thumb and it will be DONE. It's pretty, too....

Lots of stuff going on - must dash.