October 15th, 2007

GQ: Computer says No

Weekend Recap

...or, all the news that's fit to share publically (since I know I have a troll, I just don't mention it often. Hi, Troll!) :grin:

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So...that was the weekend in a nutshell. Probably NOT going to do Bedford again...it's just not profitable for us. We'll see...
Disney: L&S Caffeine

Great mail day!

My Ficcares arrived today safe and sound! The Blue Jean one is AWESOME (so is the burgundy) and I know what I'll be wearing it with tomorrow. :grin:

Right now, I have green hair...soon as Himself gets out of the tub I will wash the cassia out and return to my normal blonde locks. *Someone* I know would be very upset if I changed my hair color....:wink:

Today sucked....the Financial Advisor got there at 10:30....and left with us at 4. Erk. We redid the CA 100X 3 f'''''ng times...........:bleurgh: He finally signed off on it, though, so we are DONE. Until 2007 is due. :sigh:

Ooops - must go rinse hair! :grin: