October 18th, 2007

Disney: L&S Punish friends

Thank G-d it's..........Friday....?

Well, for me it is, anyway. I got to take my father to the Hospital tomorrow for an angiogram, and a possible stent or bypass (oh, please, NOT another bypass operation! :whimper:). So...no work for me tomorrow (well, OFFICE work. Sitting in the waiting room is plenty of work for me....)

I need to figure out what to bring to keep me sane...I'm thinking of running over to JoAnn's today to grab some silk sewing thread to ply with the Franquemont Fiber's single I have (Wild Wines, I think is the colorway - it spun up AWESOMELY, and is much gorgeous, and is MINE) so that I can play with it...I'm thinking shawl..maybe rectangular (since there's basically NO THOUGHT needed for a rectangular shawl)...we'll see what I come up with.

Wrist is blown - again - so....knitting may not happen. :sigh: Can't figure out how to haul a wheel into the hospital...:sigh: Well, 1 day of knitting won't kill me - it'll hurt, but...I can live with it.

Stupid pool man left the filter on backwash last night...thank goodness my sweet geek got me my lovely plaid wellies! :grin: It was a swamp back there..but my loverly boots kept my feet stylishly dry. Gotta love a man that knows what a girl needs! :wink:

Weaving WILL occur this weekend - I am so close to finishing the first scarf it isn't even funny. Scarf #2 will be in log cabin......I am itching to get it started. :bounce:

Tried a new bun today - the "orchid" bun. Looks cool, is fast and easy, and feels pretty secure (held by my Graydog fork). We'll see if it holds up over the entire day. :grin: