October 24th, 2007

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

It's Wednesday.....

will we make it to Friday??? :grin:

No sleep for me last night - brain wouldn't shut up. I finally dozed off around 11 (or, at least - that's the last time I looked at the clock) - had a lot of stuff to work thru. Did - and am happy with my decisions. (Nothing life-changing....it's just, I put up with difficult people at work, where I'm paid for it. Not gonna do it on my own personal time - it's not worth it.)

Got the brush hog partially removed - just couldn't get the 2 points undone. Will move the tractor tonight and try again. Would have done it last night, but Heart was out and I didn't want to scare her. :shrug:

Gotta pay bills and make out my grocery list. Tomorrow I get to pick up t-posts....Fun Stuff! I have *such* an exciting life! :giggle:

ETA:I feel like I should explain something - no, I haven't had my feelings hurt, nor do I want to "take my toys to my own sandbox". It's just.......I don't like people who play games. When their words and actions don't match up, I have a problem with it....and I'm seeing it more and more, with more and more people. My decision wasn't an instant thing - I've been dealing with it since day 1, honestly.....I just didn't want to face it. :shrug:

What I do in my free time should be enjoyable and inspiring - if it's not, then I don't want to put in the time. I get enough inspiration from Sheep Thrills - yes, it's instant gratification IRL, but...I don't need instant gratification all the time - that's what MY weaving and spinning are for. :grin: (Knitting, for me, is just a time-filler and something to do to keep my hands busy. NOT a lifestyle. I don't HAVE to knit.....I do have to weave. It's....hard to explain. :shrug:)

I don't have the energy to put into something I don't enjoy. So.....I won't do it. I have too many other things clamoring for attention (my children are only 1 of the things - the most important, to be sure, but not the only thing)......plus a loom that is pissed off that I haven't finished warping it. :grin: And 3 projects in the spinning queue that need to be dealt with. (1 of which has a deadline.....:sigh:)...and 4 projects on the needles that need to get cleared off (and 1 more in the discussion phase, plus this year's hats and mittens that need to be dealt with).