October 25th, 2007

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It's a beautiful morning..

and it's Thursday - tomorrow is Friday! Whee! (Yes, I AM easily amused, thanks for asking! :grin:) Didn't sleep worth a hoot, but...ah, well. BTDT - it'll get better. (Paranoia is your friend - it keeps you alive. Sucks while in the middle of it, but....oh, well.)

Got absolutely NO spinning done last night, but did unweave most of scarf #2. It's log cabin, and I didn't like how it was looking....so I'm going to play around with the color repeats and see if I can't come up with something that looks good.

Got 2 rows done on the shawl......I dunno. I like the pattern...but. Lots of unresolved stuff floating around on the yarn - it's NOT the fiber, huaman does BEAUTIFUL stuff...it's....yeah. Need to work on putting the feelings into words. I will, more than likely, try to get a few more ounces of this colorway - I LOVE the colors, LOVE the fiber....this yarn? Not so much.

Hit JoAnn's yesterday, but they have no pointy #7s. Looked at Addi's online...THEY don't look pointy enough. :ponder: Gotta see what else is out there - my Options are pointy enough, so I need to do SOMETHING.

Got the 3-point hitch all undone....but still can't budge the PTO. I don't have the upper-body strength necessary - it was a BITCH to hook the PTO up the last time; it took my next-door neighbor and I a couple of days to get it to seat properly, so I'm not surprized I'm having problems now. Huh - wonder where I put the WD-40? (When in doubt, grab a bigger hammer....if that doesn't work, grab the WD-40. Then repair it with Duck tape...:grin:)

The check for Starz's papers cleared, so I should be getting her DNA kit any day now. Then, we wait for Heart's.

Oooh, I actually have to work today - better get to it! :giggle:
Calvin: Happy Dance

Life is good!

Just got off of the phone with my sweet geek. (Yes, K, it WAS a long phone call :giggle:) :sigh: He is SO wonderful....I could go on and on for hours - but I won't. I'll keep to minutes :grin: (Besotted? Why yes, I am....for good reason!) (Plus, I needed to make a happy post - I'm busting at the seams here! :grin:)

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I'll stop there, because I promised I'd only go on for minutes, not hours. :grin: But, indeed - Life Is Good!