October 30th, 2007

M15M: POTO - Hide ring

:dreamy sigh: My sweet geek...

has to be the best guy *ever*. I mean - really.

Herself has a project due Thursday. They are studying Space, and she chose to build a model/representation (because "model" is pushing it a bit much..:grin:) of a Mars Rover (I think this one is Spirit..but don't quote me). So, I pointed her towards the cardboard box collection, and turned her loose (I have a policy - I am NOT in school, and I do NOT do homework. Not my job - I will advise, I will *help*, but I will NOT DO the work. *I* don't get the credit, so.....the kids are on their own. I HATE it when parents do the work for the kids - but that's a rant for a different time.).

So, she fiddled, she whined, Himself stepped in (cool - I don't mind the kids helping each other; it's good for them.) and she got a plan. She got the body/neck/head assembly all put together (yeah, it's a robot. Looks like a head and neck, though...:lol:), and they figured out the proper proportion of the solar panel array:body. The problem - the wheels.

So, she set it aside.....and asked Sweet Geek to help her over the weekend. *HE* has the same attitude I do (Whee!), so he quizzed her on what she had in mind, pointed out that what she wanted to do probably wouldn't work, so..what else could she do/use.....and *they* came up with a plan. It involved wire and straws and cardboard wheels - and she borrowed some of my paint to get the wheels "right".

Sunday evening he started on the axles (coathanger wire inside plastic straws - I have no clue, but it works and it was her idea) - he got 2 done. No biggie - I saw what he was doing, and said I would finish it Monday night. No harm, no foul - we have until Wednesday evening, right?

Right - only, he decided yesterday afternoon that I didn't need to be trying to bend the stiff wire with my wonky wrist. :grin: So, he offered to not only come over and finish the Rover, but to also fix dinner for us. Ummmm - don't ask me twice! :grin:

The rover is done except for the attaching of 3 wheels - which I can easily do tonight. (Or, she can do it, but it involves strong glue...and I'd prefer to NOT get it all over the house. :grin:) Dinner? Made from scratch buffalo wings (which were SUPERB, and YUMMY, and WONDERFUL) with broccoli cheese rice. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (The leftover chicken became part of breakfast. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again!) AND he cleaned up the kitchen afterwards!

The coolest part? Watching him interact with the kidlets. He was "impressed" with Himself's gerbil*s* (Yes - plural. Apparantly, rodents do better in pairs...I dunno. We have "Spot" and "Sunshine" - my suggestion of "Entree" and "Hors d'ouvers" got shot down by the little dictator himself. :lol:) and helped with his homework......it was sweet. :sigh: The kids adore him - and he treats them like people, not possessions. :dreamy sigh:

I've got me a keeper here, that's for sure!
Calvin: Happy Dance


I *finally* scored a Lego Mindstorms for Himself! (Well, I found it, but sweet geek insisted on buying it. Whatever - Himself will be beside himself!) It's v.1.0, but who cares - it's only been used 2x, ALL the parts are there, and it was $120 (which is what I've been bidding - they usually go for MUCH more than that!) BIN. Whee!

The gerbils are happy - I got bedding at Petsmart at lunch today, and a liberty ball. They are tickled with it :lol: and with the chew sticks. So is Himself.

Herself is bringing her grades up - looks like I'll be getting her a lizard soon. :fun stuff:

Got our Thanksgiving plans solidified - should be fun this year. It's been requested that I bring bread and carrot cake....:evil grin: I'll probably get coerced into making cinnamon rolls, too....:lol:

Dinner's almost done - must run!