October 31st, 2007

Calvin: Faces

Well, at least I know the day'll get better...

because it sure started out with a bang.....*2* - count them, TWO - ugly, 8-legged, demonspawn critters were camped out in the bathtub this morning....I drowned them, and swished them down the drain.....*1* of them climbed out and laughed at me. I dropped the shampoo bottle on him..:shudder:

I do NOT like those critters. Destest them. HATE them. And...they laugh at me. :blech:

It did get better - both kids woke up in good moods (of course - it's Candy Day. Why wouldn't they be in good moods?) and carried them over to the daycare. The horses were happy to see me - I am the Bringer of Food, after all. :lol: (It was 47* out....:brrrrrrr: My Calorimetry will be getting a workout this winter, I can tell!)

Traffic sucked, but we got here in one piece, it's payday....and I have a lunch date, so things are looking up. :grin:

Now, if I could just find some chocolate....wait - we have Baklava. Life IS good! :lol: